As the e-commerce giant in China, Alibaba’s ambition was not constrained in the customer industry. According to data from ITJUZI.COM(Data Partner of TechNewsInChina, Alibaba has invested 7 and more startups outside of China. Some of its investment made Alibaba became famous in the investment world, like Lyft and SnapChat.

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Lyft is a privately held American transportation network company based in San Francisco. The company’s App facilitates P2P ridesharing by connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car. Lyft operates in about 65 U.S. cities, including SF, LA, and NYC, with plans to expand domestically and internationally.

This May, Lyft has officially closed its $250 million round of funding, led by hedge fund Coatue Management, Alibaba, Third Point. And Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, and Mayfield Ventures also joined this round. Lyft would use this fund to aggressively expand its on-demand ride-sharing service around the world.


Snapdeal is an Indian online marketplace located in New Delhi. Snapdeal has grown to become one of the largest online marketplace in India offering an assortment of 10 million products across diverse categories. On its marketplace, over 100,000 sellers are shipping good to over 5,000 towns and cities in India.

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In August 2015, Snapdeal finished its newest round — USD 500 M — — led by Alibaba, Foxconn, and Softbank. Alibaba spent 200 M to get 4.27% shares of Snapdeal’s stock equity. Looks like Alibaba want to take a piece of cake from another Eastern country.


ThetaRay is a unknown-threat-detection solution provider which protect critical infrastructure and financial institutions. ThetaRay’s solution is a breakthrough technology that stays a step ahead of cyber threats and wins the ‘arms race’ against zero-day attacks. The product can detect anomalies that go unnoticed by other defenses achieving unprecedented detection rates and single-digit false positive rates that can reach less than 1%.

Alibaba invested this security company a few month ago. Early this December, ThetaRay announced its new fundraise completed. Alibaba, PwC, and other VC invested 20M to ThetaRay, led by Alibaba’s 5M investment.


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Snapchat is a video messaging application. In the application, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps, after which Snapchat will delete them from the company’s servers.

In March 2015, burn-after-reading app Snapchat announced its 537M E-series, led by Alibaba. Now, estimated value of Snapchat has already reached USD 15 Billion.


Visualead creates better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation. Through its patent-pending Visual QR Code technology and mobile marketing O2O platform, Visualead helps businesses connect with their customers both Offline and Online through a fun and effective mobile experience.

In May 2015, Visualead, the Israeli startup that makes QR codes more beautiful and secure fresh off a $5–10 million investment from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.


Quixey is a company located in Mountain View, California that calls itself “The Search Engine For Apps.” Users can search for an app on Quixey by describing in natural language what they want to do. The company invented a new type of search, “Functional Search,” that gathers app information from review sites, blogs, social media sites, and extra sources. The technology allows users to search across multiple platforms, eliminating the need for many searches using different mobile devices. — Wikipedia

This March, Quixey closed its Series C funding round, grabbed USD 50M from Alibaba, GGV and others investment institution. With new money in bank, Quixey’s ambitions go beyond pure-play app discovery to app content discovery


According to Forbes, Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group recently invested in, a soon-to-launch online retailer that hopes to challenge has one mission: To become the smartest way to shop and save on pretty much anything. Combining a revolutionary pricing engine, a world-class technology and fulfillment platform, and incredible customer service, Jet set out to create a new kind of e-commerce experience. Driven by Jet’s core values of trust, transparency, and fairness, this startup wants to make that experience more human.

Part of startup introduction came from Wikipedia and Crunchbase.

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