Currently, Chinese people’s fever for iPhone is totally beyond your imagination. You must have heard the news that one Chinese young man sold his kidney in the black market in order to buy an iPhone 5. Yes, till today, iPhone is still a little expensive to normal workers and students. The new iPhone 6s is selling under the price of RMB 5,288 Approximately equal to
, which is more than one month salary of a worker. Normally, living expenses of one student is about RMB 1000–2000 for one month. Just because of that ,in China’s tech websites, iPhone is jokingly call the “the kidney phone.”
But you know, iPhone is iPhone. People just want the newest one!

Now ,with the public release of the iPhone 6S, Chinese customers are getting excited again! Instead of selling kidneys, people come up with an idea of sperm donation!

The AD


Your Sperms Worth an iPhone 6s!

Yes, boys, your wasted sperms worth an iPhone 6s!

Yangtze Business Times, a Chinese business daily, wrote an editorial of “Sperm Donation for an iPhone 6s”. This editorial drew huge attention. Original advertising was published by HPHSV(Hubei Provincial Human Sperm Vault, an Chinese official sperm collection institution).

In that advertising named “Brand New iPhone 6S Purchasing Plan”, as translated: you can donate 40 cc sperm in exchange of an allowance of RMB 5,000 Approximately equal to
.All you need to do is add RMB 288 Approximately equal to
, then you can afford a brand new iPhone 6s (16GB version)! Needless to say, the donator must be a healthy male whose age ranges from 22 to 45, better have higher education.

Come on, it’s just a dog!

This advertising from official institution caused a furious dispute .While some elders say it is inappropriate because of its lure implication and misleading behavior, other young mans welcome such a purchasing plan, especially college students.

One college student responded to this news, ”Why people are criticizing them? This is actually a new plan to get an iPhone.” And official response to this report is “It’s just common marketing means. ”

In contrast to the horrible news “kidney for iPhone”, the sperm donation seems harmless and relatively acceptable , although it sounds somewhat weird and creepy. But to those young and masculine boys, this plan could save them a lot of money!

Credit: Funnyordie

The point is that you can see the inexhaustible affection for iPhone in China, and it makes sense that Apple is increasingly catering for the needs of China mainland market.

Some sperm for iPhone, would you like to switch? Leave a response to discuss.