Company Name: Koala Finance(Kaolalicai)

Funding Received: RMB 20,000,000 Approximately equal to

Funding Received Recentely: About RMB 25,000,000 Approximately equal to

Category: Financial Management

Website: http://www.kaolalicai.cn/

If you deposit RMB 1000 to your account, one year later you will get 1100 back. This is what Koala Finance claimed in its website and app. Now this startup completed its RMB 20,000,000 Approximately equal to
A-series funding, led by Peeli Ventures. This startup is regarded as a cosy solution for lazy investors.

As a online financial management platform, Koala started its operation since May 2015. Only one month later, Koala Finance got its angle round finished. And 6 month passed, Koala Finance finished its A-series.

The most welcoming feature of Koala Finance is diversified investment in debt market. According to Nanfang Daily, average return of debt fund is 8.98% in 2014. Basically, money you put in debt market won’t loss. But to many private investors, they don’t know how to invest in this market and have little knowledge of debt market.

Koala Finance applied an easy way to attract investors: invest 1 RMB, and one day later you can your return. Visible returns bring Koala customers. Now Koala Finance has over 170K registered investors, current deposit return in its platform is about 8% and the bad account rate is 0.0033%.

To the usage of this new funding, team member from Koala Finance disclosed they would expand their team and increase the investment in product and marketing, building a better financial management experience for lazy investors.