According to a report by Alibaba, Chinese female entrepreneurs are doing the same great as US female entrepreneurs.  population and in USA, that number accounts 10%.

In this story, Tech-News-In-China would introduce you five famous and representative female Chinese entrepreneurs. They are, Liu Qing (CEO of Didi Kuaidi), Ma Jiajia (CEO of Paofou), Qin Jun (Chairman of TiHolding), Yang Lan (Founder of SUN TV) and Chen Feng (Founder of Meililai).

From left to right: Chen Feng, Qin Jun, Liu Qing, Ma Jiajia, Yang Lan

Liu Qing(柳青)

The Woman Who Spent Billions to Fight Against Uber in China

In China, Uber had two competitors in 2014, Didi Taxi and Kuaidi Taxi before Uber came to China. However, these two companies announced a merge in Feb, named Didi Kuaidi (hereafter “Didi”) . After that financial event, Didi went into a fast runway with a brand new business ranging from taxi service to Special Car (Same to Uber Black), Quick Car (same to Uber People), and even Didi Bus and Didi Helicopter. The person behind the rocket-growing startup is Liu Qing, CEO of Didi Kuaidi.

Undergraduated from Peiking University in 2000 and graduated from Harvard in 2002,at the same year, Liu Qing entered Goldman Sachs (Asia) Group. One decade later, Liu became the managing director of APAC of Goldman Sachs (Asia). Two years later, Goldman Sach refused to invest Didi Kuaidi ( GS has already invested Uber in US ), after that failed pitching , the youngest managing director in GS’s history chose to join Didi as COO. One year later, Liu became the CEO of Didi Kuaidi.

Catching sight of the great value of changing the way people travel , Liu stepped down from the top position in Golden Sachs . She gave up tens of millions’ yearly salary and joined Didi. Actually, Liu paid her value in Didi . Years of investment expericence gave her a global vision and relationships, which quickly led to finish rounds of fundraising and the merge of Didi and Kuaidi. At the same time, this female’s talent in orchestrating public relation and her graceful attitude make her stand out in dealing matters with Chinese Government, Taxi industry and cab driver. In Shanghai, she reached an agreement with the local government and made Didi Kuaidi the only approved mobile taxi service in that big city.

Liu has a very great story which Tech-News-In-China would tell you later. Keep on follow us!

Ma Jiajia (马佳佳)

This young girl brings out thousands of female enterpreurers

Located near her Alma Mater, Ma Jiajia, a 90s young girl dressed like a high school student, opened a sex toy store the day she undergraduated. In that 20 square meter’s store, condoms were blowed and hung all around the room. Posts and banners with sex-suggestive words can be seen everywhere. Six months later, a startup named Paofou was founded, and Ma was the CEO. Another six months later, Ma opened “the most wonderful sex toy store in China” in Beijing Sanlitun Soho square.

Slogans like “If you feel shy, do not enter” “If you look ugly, do not enter” “If your genital is shorter than 18 cm, do not enter” were posted in the doorway. These slogans are funny and show some kind of healthy sex philosophy to normal people. Ma’s sex toy store broke the obscure and conceal condition of traditional Chinese sex toy industry, making people want to visit and buy some thing there. She said, “Based on the financial independence,women in this new era combined wisdom, reason and sexy appealing should express it out that sex and sexuality ,were not meant to entertain man no more, but to please themselves. Sexual relationship should be equal and interdependent.”

Unlike the flaunt of sex toy store, Ma Jiajia has a quite joven and healthy image and she was brave enough to challenge the obscure sexual education in China.On Weibo, a Twitter-like social network in China, Ma always answers questions related to sex education, help young man and woman to chat-up, and she was interested in teasing her fans. Ma’s angel investor believed that, Ma was kind like Richard Branson, the boss of The Virgin Group — — she can use her own brand to market and drive the business model. We have no idea whether Ma would become the next Richard or not but we now know Ma was invited to delivery speeches by Ted and other media.

Tagged as a representative personage by main media and traditional industries, people would find entrepreneurship on her and find access to a new market fitting the young people.

Qin Jun (秦君)

The woman who will support thousands Chinese startups

On the press conference of Qingqingchuang ( a startup service brand), a drone carried a star flying to a slender women. Her name is Qin Jun. She took down that star and put it on the star foundation, announcing the launch of Startup Star Project. In her words, in the next fives years, Startup Star would help more than 2,000 startups. The big company behind that project is Ti Holding Co., Ltd. which has a asset value over $ 1 billion. Yes, Qin is the chairman of Ti Holding.

Though she was over 40 years old, her pretty and beautiful dressing makes people always think she was in her 30s. 2014, in a downfallen book market in Beijing Zhongguancun, she was talking to a young startup founder, trying to understand what young people were thinking and doing recently. Months later, Ti Holding cooperated with local government, Qin got 51% share of the book market and changed the name to Inno Way (short for Innovation Way, though people would like to see it a street). This street block was redesigned to be a startup and startup service centered place. Instantly, this street became the most centralized innovation and startup area. Since its foundation in June 2014, this street incubated over 500 startups with the fundraising amount over 1 Billion RMB. Many people’s dreams were realized here.

As a woman, Qin Jun is helping other female entrepreneurs to success. Every time there was a Femal Startup Salon in Inno Way, she would show up and talk to her entrepreneur sisters. In their eyes, Qin is an idol worth respect and and a model to learn.

Yang Lan (杨澜)

China’s Iron Lady

Yang Lan was a hostess in China CCTV. She became famous after hosting a show named “Zhengda Variety” in 1990s. Depending on her sedate temperament and excellent wisdom, Yang was the most famous person on TV at that time. If she didn’t choose the startup way, she could be the best of best TV host in China. However, after she resigned her job and founded her own company, Yang build her own media empire.

In 1993, Yang returned from USA to join Hong Kong Phoneix TV Station, hosted a show named “Yang Lan’s Studio”. On her own, Yang made her show the highest audience rate in this TV Station and contributed 1/10 of TV Station’s advertising revenue.

In 2000, Yang bought Liang’s Group, and changed the name to Sun Television Cybernetworks Holdings Limited and ran a successful back-door listing. Later, Sun Television was founded. However, during that time, it was too advanced to earn money by charging Cable Fee and advertising in China. After three year’s on air, Sun Television lost 200,000,000 HK dollar. Yang had to sell 70% stock equity of Sun Television. One year later, Yang recombined the company, and a new startup came out, named Sun Media Investment Company. This new company developed five business ranging from education, publication, new media, TV and sports, leading the listed company out of the dark.

Then, Yang Lan consolidated resources, creating the brand new multi-media online community “Tian Nv Wang” designed for China’s office lady. More than that, she joined with Celien Dion, who is the famous Canadian singer, to create the China’s first high-end customizing jewelry brand“Lan Jewelry”.

In year 2010, Yang Lan ranked 20th in Hurun Rich Female List with the fortune of 7 billion RMB. In 2013, Yang Lan was rewarded “100 Most Influencial Femal over the world” by Forbes.

Chen Feng (陈枫)

The O2O trend rider

China exists a interesting combination — — BAT,, Alibaba, Tencent. Most of China’s best technicians, operation and marketing talents are working for the three companies. Chen Feng, a former-Baidu employee, became the trend rider in trend China O2O market. Chen, the founder of Meililai( it means beauty comes to you ), a Beauty-O2O startup which provides hairdressing and massage service to customer’s house.

As continuous entrepreneur, before Chen founded Meililai, she had two startup experience. During her first business, her storeroom caught on fire after a thief set fire. The fire burned down her inventory and her account book, but Chen is loyal women, she visited every merchant to check the debt and borrow money from her friend and family . After the account book checked, Chen got into a heavy debt. But she never feared, “I believe, my life worths more than that debt.”

During her third startup business, there raised a O2O( offline to online) trend in China Internet startup field. As a smart entrepreneur, Chen smelled that trend. After careful consideration, she chose female hairdressing and massage O2O. But Chen didn’t do O2O as others do, she chose the B2C model rather than B2B2C model. To Chen Feng, B2B2C is a gamble. What Chen wanted to do, was to change the whole industry, so facing the customers directly was the right answer !

And she did it. By consolidating and optimizing resources and improving service , Meililai raised 10,000,000 RMB in angel round and its service went to other big cities rapidly. To those female who are trying to run startups, Chen’s success could bring faith and hope to them.