Five Chinese Startups Would Show You How They Are Innovating

China is becoming more innovative than it used to be. Startup ideas which originated in China are moving to USA recently. Made-in-China is gradually transferring to Innovation-in-China. It’s expected that in a few years, the innovation power of China would surpass USA or Euro. How to prove this idea? Just looking at what are Chinese guys doing!

In this story, Tech-News-In-China will show you five startup companies with great ideas or big-leap innovation, and don’t forget to try their apps or web (some function may not work outside of China). You will be the judge whether China is surpassing USA or not.

Tripsters (趣皮士)— — Your Local Tour Guides Anywhere

How about travel abroad? Sometimes you just get bored to spend you vacation in your home country and want to go out to see some thing different. Now we get jets and 4G connection, it seems like there should be no problem in foreign trip. But if you go to a country where you didn’t know the local language and have no idea about the local costumes, do you still want to explore that place? Brave guys choose to go, but to normal travelers, they just want rest themselves, finding a good place to relax. That’s lame!

So is there anyone who can help them solve this problem? Here is Tripsters, a startup designed to help travelers get a nice trip experience in foreign country. Why ask locals? Because they know there cities or countries. In Tripsters’s app, you can submit questions to local guides or residents, such as where can I find best local cuisines, the must-buy list and do-never-buy-it list. In China, as the homeland tourism industry is getting worse and traveler’s interests are under no one’s protection, more and more people choose to travel abroad, to the destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, Korean and Singapore.

Tripsters promised their users, that their question would be answered in less than 5 minutes. In a normal Q&A process, questions would be sent to students from China, ethnic Chinese or AirBnb owners. According to Tripster’s rules, if no one answered that question in five minutes, then Tripsters staff would come out to help him/her. By answering more questions, he would get more credits, so in the later situations, more foreign travelers would trust him.

Now Tripsters get more than 500 local people in its network. Their services are provided in Thailand, Japan, Korean and China Taiwan.

Try Tripsters Free App, Click here.

Baofeng WiFi (暴风加油站)— — More Than A Free Wifi

4G network is really fast and to be honest, very expensive. WiFi is much more fast and stable than 4G network. And Cable or fiber or ADSL network is paid by month or year, so it’s cheaper to use WiFi. Walking on the street, you can see WiFi Signs everywhere. But some problems surface in public WiFi networks.

Problems of public WiFi: 1.lower speed for lots of people are using in the same time; 2. less safety because everyone can join a public WiFi including hackers; 3. public WiFi network won’t provide much entertainment resources for its users. If you just want a free networking to tweet or WhatsApp a friend, free WiFi is totally okay. But if you want to watch a movie or catch on the newest episode of a TV program in the airport, train station or on a bus, the free WiFi sucks.

So, Baofeng WiFi provides its smart solution to WiFi users. It would install a free WiFi hot-spot with a small server in public space. Users can join this free WiFi network to enjoy a high speed internet connection, but to your surprise, it also provides users entertainment resources and nearby discount information. Baofeng WiFi is a product of Baofeng Technology, a listed company in China whose stock price boosted from less than 2 bucks to 60 bucks in a short time.

Baofeng is a media company in China, it provides copyrighted music, TV shows and dramas, and movie to its users by putting ads in its products. these entertainment resources were pre-downloaded to the small server (with regular update) and because of that, the download speed is high and stable in a small space range. And that router can push discount information to its users, by attracting more customers to shop or eating, Baofeng WiFi would earn some commissions from the sales.

Sorry this startup don’t serve outside of China, but you guys get the idea right?

Jiujiu(纠纠) — — Your Choice Phobia Therapy

Jiujiu, is a social networking designed for choose phobia users. In causal days, you may face many kinds of choices, like what should I eat tonight, which cloth fits me better, who should be my boyfriend. In Jiujiu, users can upload their personal choose phobia problems, and then the community members would help this guy choose one options that fit him the most. Users can also share their problem to social networks, let friends or strangers to help you decide.

Jiujiu also created Jiu Coin which is a virtual currency. Users can collect more Jiu Coins by register, check-in, answer question. Active users would collect lots of coins, when it reaches to some limit, the user can exchange real gifts.

Jiujiu is a kind of stranger social network, but it was also so-called the Pan-social network. The relationship among users are not that close like real stranger social network but a lit bit stranger than friends social network. In Jiujiu, users help each other to solve real problems and their relationships are based on the same interests or same problems. When you choose option one, you would join the option one group which is against option two group. This is interesting.

Want to solve your choice problem? Try Jiujiu(纠纠)’s free app, click here.

First Credit Installment(付壹代) — — The First Virtual Credit Card For College Student

Have you ever came through situations like this: the girl that you like want to go out for a dinner and at the end of the month you didn’t have a penny in your pocket, as you spend all money on playing League of Legends, especially when Riots release new skins for your loved character. As a student, how envy do you want to have a credit card that the card may give you a chance to realize a lot of your dreams. But to Chinese students, banks have rules that they are not allowed to issue credit cards to undergraduates. So that, their only money is coming from the debt card which their parents would transfer a certain of amount of money to.

First Credit Installment is the first financial product designed for college students. In China, every student have a unified student file and file number. The student who want to apply for his first virtual credit card only need to type his student information, then a few hours later this startup would show him the credit quota. Normally 4,000 to 8,000 RMB. This quota can be withdrawn to his debt card or used to shopping online. And this startup gives students a interest-free period as long as 15 days. If the user’s need is beyond the quota, he can increase the number by doing a series of online tasks to elevate.

Try First Credit Installment(付壹代) app for free, click here.

Fire( 燎原) — — Startup Is Not Only A Sparkle

Fire is a place for startups to find talents. All startup founders can register a account here for free and add some profile tags, such as professional, interests. Then the web would automatically generate a special profile page and a clear and understandable ability chart.

In Fire, founders can search other entrepreneurs and earlier employees by applying special sets, like by regions, you can find a local guy to help you establish your startup company; or by professionals, to find a right employee for the right position.

And Fire is also a social network for entrepreneurs. In this network, founders and employees can communicate with and share resources to each other and get the first hand information about the corresponding industry.

Fire(燎原) has a neat website, you should try to visit it, click here to go.

Now, it’s your time to make a judge, whether China is surpassing USA or Euro in startup innovation? Leave a response to discuss.

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