Company Name: FancyEdu

Funding Received: RMB 180,000,000 Approximately equal to

Funding Received Recentely: About RMB 120,000,000 Approximately equal to

Category: Kid Education

Website: http://www.fancyedu.net/

Kid education for 0-12 year old children, FancyEdu is kicking off a emerging education market in China.

Founded in July 2014, FancyEdu provided education management, hand-on device, children library to education institutions. Also, FancyEdu is researching and developing its own AR and body guesture system used in education. This monday, FancyEdu announced it has closed a new round RMB 120M led by Amebic Capital and Shangya Fund.

According to Children Industry Reaserch Center of China, costs spent on kids by parents hold 30-50% of a normal family. That means, kid’s consumption has became the largest part of a famlily and the kid market is over  RMB 200,000,000,000 Approximately equal to
in China.

The biggest feature of FancyEdu is it has partnerships with several famous IP companies, like National Geographic, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Marvel, Walt Disney and others. These partnerships help FancyEdu created plenty unique content for Chinese kids.