Company Name: Diaodiao

Funding ReceivedUSD 6 million

Funding Received Recentely: USD 5 million

Category: Lifestyle

Website: http://www.diaox2.com/index.html

Diaodiao is a startup aimed at improve the lifestyle of middle-class in China. Diaodiao raised its USD 5 million A-series funding at this Wednesday. This investment was led by ChinaGrowthCapital.

Since its beginning, Diaodiao chose a neat way to influence people’s lifestyle. Unlike other shopping guiding website, Diaodiao only provide high level production recommendation to a special group of people, like new middle class and elites in China. In Diaodiao’w site, users will get discount information of some production. And to some handpick collections, users will guided directely to the merchants to get a good price and recieve a good lifestyle taste.

As its only investor in A-series, ChinaGrowthCapital is quite famous in China. This venture capital firm only invests startups before C-series, mostly in early stage.