Today, Tech-News-In-China would like to show you 8 sleek apps developed by Chinese developers. These apps are beautiful and handy, which worth your download and try. If you are not interested in installing them, do check their great design. See how these apps are shocking the world!


——Do you know how to order in a high-end gourmet restaurant?

——Do you know how to become a senior enthusiast of classical music?

Mono can tell you how to. This is a knowledge library based on users’ interests and free subscriptions. Mono has cooperated with many quality content providers to offer extensive content to readers. After using this app, you can talk like a gentleman, do things like a professional, and meet people of great taste.

Mono was called the “most beautiful app in China”. It has a very nice native style design, looks like a native iOS app pre-installed in iPhone. Every touch leads to a smooth interface change. If you installed it, you just can’t stop sliding right and slide left.

Try type “猫弄” or Mono or click this link to AppStore.


Luoo is a personalized music recommendation application. Not like Pandora or Spotify, Luoo gives more chances to independent musicians, and user a chance to meet the man behind the voice. As we can see from the picture in the middle, Luoo would provide things more than music to users. The collection is shown in a magazine, every collection has pictures, music and stories behind it.

Source: Luoo

And Luoo provides a special music-emotion social network for users. In this network, people can share their stories and emotions. Nice meet-up, or helpless goodbye, or restlessly look out, different situations are different stations in life.

This app worth downloading and listening. May not work in some area due to IP protection. Try type “落网” or Luoo or click this link to AppStore.


This app provides a gourmet group-on experience but a high-end and carefully selected one. Enjoy provides user a totally elegant experience, as you open the app, you would wow like me. “It’s so beautiful.” The dark theme gives user a profound thinking. And the service that Enjoy provides earns its reputation.

Carefully selected cuisines are listed in the app, for example Sushi hand made by Japan master chef, a feast cooked by Michelin cook and so on. And to normal customer’s surprise, it gives a biggest discount which is beyond the reach of other group-on platforms.

Try type Enjoy or click this link to AppStore.


Chanyouji, in Chinese, these three characters means travel like a cicada. It’s a travel note making tool. While traveling, users can take picture and make a bit note. When he/she finished the trip, the Chanyouji app can help making a sleek travel note and then share with friends through social network.

Chanyouji app is travel assistant tool also. It provides translation service, so whenever you go, you can talk to local people.

As we can see, Chinese developers are very good at manipulating the native app design. From the first one to the fourth one, only Enjoy is kind of different design style. But since here you would more design language and more with oriental flavor.

Try type “蝉游记” or Chanyouji or click this link to AppStore.


Do you want to know how much time did you pass in your life? You may say, I just had my 24th Birthday, why? But do you know the exact time? And do you know how much time do you left?

This is what this app can do for you. Touch the button, and the app turned to another face: the death clock. The clock will show you when you will die.

That’s may what Tai Chi means! Right? The end of the white is black and the end of the black is white. However, white and black are mixed together. That is, life and death are interdependent.

Try type “生辰” or click this link to AppStore.


Wiz is a nicely designed productivity tool. Its multifunction will recall of read-it-later app Pocket, group-collaboration app Quip, note-taking app Evernote, group-talk app hipchat, file-sync service Dropbox and guess what, team management app Asana!
Yes, all these functions are mixed together into one App — — Wiz! It adopts the freemium, for normal user’s normal usage, it’s totally free, but if you want more space and more uploading bandwidth, pay as you go monthly. Like what Evernote do, monthly or yearly subscription.
Wiz has a distinct Drawer Layout, and its article organization looks like OneNote. Though it looks like it has mixed a lot of app design and functions, but after 5 years development, Chinese users were falling in love with it.


Here is why: in Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC- 476 BC), there was a famous philosopher named Xuncius (Xun Zi). A philosopher should has its own thinking and methodology, but Xuncius learned knowledge from many other famous philosopher of the day. In normal thinking, this guy is crazy and dumbed.

If you use Wiz, you would find its webpage storage function quiet smooth. Because before this company published Wzi, it’s a webpage cutting and storage company.

Try type “为知” or Wiz or click this link to AppStore.


If you are an Chinese Traditional cultute enthusiasticist, you will find this app so oriental and elegant. Write words or poem in this app, would bring you a feeling of ‘yes, I am a poet, totally .’

The first look at Ci app, a strong feeling of Skeuomorph design style comes to you. The backgound letter picture is nice and any words you typed on the screen are shown in Song Typeface. Song Typeface is a typeface used in Song Dynasty.

Actually, applications built by Chinese abused the usage of Chinese style, but most of them just used some ink and wash style to fake a Chinese style. However, the developer of Ci paid attention to the design. In order to make it more beautiful and original, he bought a very expensive traditional book to learn the letter design. As you downloaded and used it, you would find the texture is carefully controlled to match the Song Typeface.

Looks old and traditional.

Try type “词” or Ci or click this link to AppStore.

Wood Joints

Do you like wood And handcraft? If your answer is yes, now this app definitely need your download. And it’s free!
Do you still remember when you were kid, father was making some handcraft, such as desk or chair or assemble a bookcase. It needs techniques to make a woodwork. And Wood Joints gives you the chance to get familiar with all kinds of timber, and you would learn how a wood furniture assembled.
In the 3D space, wood joint was animated for uses to learn more visualized. With light music in the background, Wood Joints will cost your many hours in it. And what’s important, you won’t regret to do so, because you know that it is worthy!
Try type “卯榫” or Wood Joints or click this link to AppStore.

Apps above are all free download, worth your try. May you know more about China during your usage! 🙂
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