To the most of the users, the reason they buy a smart watch is to receive massage withouth picking up the phone, and let a smart device to collect heart beat or other sports data. So, it’s almost useless if a smart device has a screen.

So smart band is the best choice for those users. No batter-consuming screen and only basic information alert and heart beat collecting functions. Normally, a smart band has a battery life of 7 or fourteen days. In China, Bong, a smart wearable device startup released its new smart band —- bong 2s.


Compared with other smart bands, bong 2s is a better choice to buy in this holiday season. It gets heart rate monitor, motion monitor, sleep monitor and it’s water-proof. The biggest feature of bong 2s is that it can detect your moving postures. Siiting, walking, jogging or running, bong 2s can make a more accurate calculation for you.


Now bong 2s is starting a crowd funding in JD.com, and the price is… guess what, RMB 99, less than USD 15.


Same functions and cheaper price, Fitbit and Jawbone is definited vanished in the market.