Company Name: Analiye

Funding Received: RMB 336,000,000 Approximately equal to

Funding Received Recentely: About RMB 200,000,000 Approximately equal to

Category: O2O

Website: http://www.anlaiye.com.cn/

As O2O is trending in China, we see some innovation from these startup. Anlaiye is one of them. Anlaiye is a O2O platform focused in college and university, it provides a convenient school life for its college users. Students can order thousands of commodities through WeChat or Apps, and all the orders are delivered by part-time students. Any student who want to earn some pocket money can grab the orders and the one who applied first would win the order. He or she picks up the package and sends it the customers. The whole process would cost less than 29 minutes and shipment-free.


China has about 25 Million college students which promised to be a huge market, and that’s the reason why investors want to join the school O2O game. Anlaiye has finished its pre-A and A series in 2015. And last Friday, sources claimed that Anlaiye has closed most of its A+ series. This round is led by Semir Clothing, AIwu Investment, Genius Capital, Binghuiyourong Capital and undisclosed govermental group.

Estimated value of Anlaiye has reached RMB 1.2 Billion. And some analysist belived Anlaiye would expand its scope to the whole China to gain a greater market share. TechNewsInChina believes no students would reject this company for it would bring convenience and some pocket money to themselves.