Company Name: Meituan & Dianping

Funding Received: USD 4,362,000,000

Funding Received Recentely: USD 3.3 Billion

Category: Life Style


According to several sources, Meituan & Dianping, the newly merged lifestyle startup in China just finished its newest Series-E round of USD 3.3 Billion. The rumor came out this Monday evening and has confirmed by Meituan speaker this morning. According to press, investor of this round include Tencent, DST and Capital TOday. Before this round, the estimated value of New Meitaun & Dianping is about USD 15 Billion. And it’s expected that Meituan & Dianping would go public in two or three years. If successful, its market value would reach USD 80 Billion, higher than any other startups in China.

Meituan & Dianping is a life style startup in China. It provide Groupon and Yelp-like service to its nine-figures customers. Though it brings profits to customers, these two companies was criticized for wasting investors’ money last year and a rumored failed funding of Meituan led these companies merged. Now the main competitor of Meituan & Dianping is Baidu Nuomi, which was said to get funded by Baidu itself for USD 10 Billion to win the market.

Funding history:


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