Maybe this Sunday is never a good day for Ctrip, the largest travelling online platform in China. Lots of people claimed they paid for their airplane ticket but when they arrived the airport, the system shown it’s a invalid ticket. Ctrip will lost reputation among its customer and investors.

Stock alert! Dumping all your Ctrip stocks right now, if you don’t want to lose all of your money for a liar!


Scandal one: the man nicknamed TT bought a ticket on Ctrip days before his leaving. When he arrived the Tokyo Airport, the steward told him this ticket is invalid. So TT contacted Ctrip immediately and got a new ticket to fly back to China. When he tried to check in again, the steward asked him ‘if you are a relative of Ishihara( A Janapaness)? Information said its a redemption ticket bought by Ishihara’s points.’ TT has no bloody relationship with this man/woman, so he called Ctrip the second time. Ctrip support stuff told him to pretend to be Ishihara’s relative. As a noble man, TT refused to settle with this issue. And airline company took him to the office for more information. Now Ctrip has already violated the relation, and this issus is not finished yet.


Scandal two: Li Miao, a famous writer in China. He bought two tickets for his friends who want to have a nice trip in Japan. But when the couple arrived in the airport, steward told them the same answer: It’s invalid. So Li called the Ctrip to ask the reason. Just in case, Li required the couple to buy new tickets by themselves in the airport. Luckily, there left two tickets. The plane left successfully but the problem is not solved. Ctrip can’t give Li a reasonable explanation, so he called the Air China for detailed information. Support stuff of Air China told Li there is no tickets that he bought, so it’s real that the steward won’t check in. But Li paid the tickets and the Ctrip told him he got the tickets which can get aboard. So Li reached a conclusion that Ctrip got the payment and submitted a real order to Air China. But Ctrip didn’t pay for the tickets, and after some time, the order of Air China is cancelled. But there are e-tickets shown in the Ctrip App which means Ctrip told its customer they bought the tickets. Fake tickets. Yes, Ctrip detained the payment and gave customers fake tickets.


Obviously, Ctriped violated Airline Regulation of at least two countries of selling fake tickets, China and Japan. Chinese goverment may tolerate this but Japan will not.

It’s monday early morning in Beijing, we will see what Ctrip reacts to this issue and the reaction of investors 12 hours later.