Company Name: Xinrenxinshi

Funding Received: RMB 55,000,000 Approximately equal to

Funding Received Recentely: About RMB 53,000,000 Approximately equal to

Category: Human Resource

Website: http://www.xinrenxinshi.com/

Xinrenxinshi.com, a new and popular startup who helps Chinese SMEs manage employees’ salary and information. This Tuesday, Xinrenxinshi.com announced it has closed its RMB 53,000,000 Approximately equal to
Series-A, led by Sequoia Capital China. 48M SMEs in China will enjoy this service from now.

Branded itself as a convenient, safe and professional Salary Management SaaS platform, enterprise users can easily manage information and salary of their employees. In this platform, bosses will never worry how much money should they pay their employees. Xinrenxinshi just helps them finish the information collection and payroll automatically.

Normally, if a startup wants to pay their employees, they had to hire a special accountant, but the cost to hire this guy is expensive especially for a small company. But if the accounting work took on by the founder, he/she would be so tired to finish it properly. And if a company is growing quickly, works related to money should be done more accurately. Xinrenxinshi.com solved this problem.

Xinrenxinshi.com provide a free SaaS platform for SMEs size under 30, the boss or CFO inputs staff information to the platform and connect the Bank Payroll Card to employees. At the end of the month or at the pay day, salary will automatically transfer to employees’ cards. And thanks to its security features, information in this platform is secured and protected. Other human resource works can also be done in this platform.

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