Reality show Television programs are popular in China. For some reason, some face appreared in the show must be pixelated for privacy problem. But one man this week got pixelated in a trending reality show trigered a huge debate online.Why? Because Chinese netizens favored the show for its political tendency. And from the comments on Weibo.com, we found the comments is 100% positive.

The man behind the pixels named Wang Xi, a famous Chinese Hong Kong actor who earnt great reputation in Chinese Mainland. Now, his reputation is totally ruined for he joined the Hongkong Independence Movement. According to Chinese netizens, anyone out of China but still belongs to China and claimed to love China should protect the integrity of the country, “You can give people in mainland a nickname and tease them while they travel in Hongkong or Macao or Taiwan, but if you claimed to seperate this nation apart, you are doomed.”

Chinese people are well-known for defending their nationality, so any movement like what Wang Xi did would lead to a badly criticism and resistance. Now when the director group of the reality show got information about Wangxi, his part of the show is cut out completely only left some uncutable videos. And to these videos, the post-production took the way of pixelating the face.

If the audience didn’t know this man behind the pixels, then he would never know him. If he knows something, this would bring some humor to his watching. Now almost everyone in China enjoyed this action.

Comments of the pixelated face in social media:

  • LOL, CCTV(China Central Television), you did a great job.
  • Little bastard, you deserve it!
  • Watching and laughing, Love you CCTV!

Now it seems like CCTV finished a successful political propaganda. Maybe it’s a alert to those actors and singers who joined secession. And to the end of this article, the writer would like to say: Finally, pixelated face is postive now.