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From a savage place to a real business nation, Chinese Internet field saw through the transition. In that process, we saw Tencent(who acquired Riot Games), NetEase(who run WOW in China) and other well-shaped Internet giants grow up and were loved by their users. Though Alibaba didn’t really want to change itself for the reason it lives a really good life in China, but still struggled to change and getting ready to pass the Business 101 test.

Yet, the seed of savageness still buried in China Internet industry. Some of the critics like to call Baidu.com, Alibaba and Tencent “BAT” for short, and the first B is doing evil recent years. Google said “Do not be evil”, and Baidu learnt “Nobody knows we are doing devil.” Millions of users in China are supporting a movement of Anti-Baidu Alliance for immoral behavior of this company. And some other Chinese Internet companies ran counter to business ethics this January too.

Admittedly, Great Fire Wall made Chinese Internet market a half-monopoly place, but market economy is changing the condition. No matter under what kind of market economy, a company who doesn’t value users’ privacy, breach the contract would spend a lot of effort to regain its image. Companies like Baidu, Ctrip, DouyuTV and QvodPlayer should learn a lesson from their immorality.

These four tech scandals that you will read below on TechNewsInChina will tell you what’s happening in China.

Douyu TV: Tens of thousands of audiences watched a couple making love in front of the screen.

On the last day of 2015, a live love-making broadcast room was online in DouyuTv, a Chinese Twitch-like platform.

To be honest, Chinese online broadcast service is quite hot in the past year. You can watch a lot of programs online without pay a nickel, and the incoming of the hosts was linked with the watching audience number. For a higher incoming, they had to do some innovative and tricky works. Some hostess with charming body and boobs tried to get them out to entertain her male audience. Some with voice sing the song who paid an order. And most of the hosts earn a living by selling food and clothes, some also find a way to get rich sponsors.

But as thousands of hosts ran into this market, condition change led to a furious atmosphere because newbies find it’s too hard to get an audience and a well-paid check. That’s normal because the good money alway win finally and what we can do is to wait for the next change. However, some of them find a quick runway to go. That the first scandal we are going to tell you: broadcasting coitus online to tens of thousands in a non-rating platform, maybe hundreds of young kids saw their unbounded things.

DouyuTV who itself said to be the largest online broadcast platform in China, mainly provides their users content like League of Legends, Dota2, console games, PC games and other entertainment programs. Everyday, millions of audience come to its web and apps to take a rest in watching shows. But in a country without the rating system, everyone was encouraged to sign up an account, so there is a big chance young kids would watch it after school. And that happens. In 2013, an 11-year-old kid set up a broadcast room to play League of Legends and over 110k viewers watch him play the game. He’s really good at it but his account got banned in a few days for this platform believed this maybe take some harmful effects to his study and its audiences. Okay, that’s reasonable.

Short introduction of DouyuTV: it’s a VC-funded online video broadcasting platform; DJ, MC and OB hosts broadcast games, singing show or talk show to their audiences or subscribers; the profit comes from audience’s own thinking, if he like the show and feel like to donate some cash to the host, or he can feed the host with some MeatBalls(virtual coins earned by watching shows). But porns or sex-implication contents happens all the time even every day. Ever night, you would see a lot of young female hosts wearing less cloth or even bikini-like clothing to dance or sing songs for her male audiences, to entertain her, what should we call, her customers. But in a business like this, she just fulfilled the customers needs. As you may know, porn videos are totally banned in China and even the classification system is not implemented too. So this is a good way to Chinese males to take a rest after a boring or busy day. But the governmental regulation is there, Admins of DouyuTV need to take several inspection tours to communicate with the audience and the hosts. Once they find any sex-implication contents, hosts would receive a warn alert; the second time, account suspended for 1 day or more; one more time, accounts permanently banned. It’s a severe community rule but still have someone trying to escape the net.

Just before the eve of 2016, a host confessed his love to a Healthstone female host but got rejected. So he asked three other male hosts to take a car race. While driving, he was clearly drunk and the car crash happened after he ran into a red light. The whole thing is on air to over one million audiences. With loose regulation, more things like these would occur.

Ctrip: Fake tickets, stolen redemption point, and customer caught by Airport Police

Early this month, the largest OTA(online travel agent) Ctrip was revealed by Chinese famous journalist Li Miao. Li condemned Ctrip of selling fake airplane tickets to its customer and got the customer barely caught by the airport police. This news caused huge criticism to this Nasdaq-listed company.

News published on 10 Jan this month, Li Miao said in its self-media to accuse Ctrip of selling fake air ticket to its friends. He used his Ctrip account to buy round trip ticket for his couple friends who were hoping for a honey moon in Japan. As Li paid 12326 RMB to successfully bought the tickets and got back the electronic ticket number, these tickets were checked invalid in Beijing International Airport by the airplane company. Even though they shown their electronic ticket and passport to do a double check, the system still feedbacks invalid information. And then the airplane company affirmed they bought fake tickets.

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What’s more, Li’s another friends nicknamed ttdz faced the same but more severe problem two days before this couple. When ttdz finished his leisure trip in Japan and ready to go home, the tickets he bought in Ctrip was announced invalid by Japan airplane. Then he contacted the Ctrip to check out the reason. Soon, Ctrip ordered anothe ticket for him. As he thought, things do happen in the airport. But he would not believe the blue moon will come out for the second time. As he went to the check-out table, the support staff inquired him if he is a family member of Satomi, a Japanese. Of course not. The Japan air noticed that the first tickets were bought by redemption tickets using an American born Chinese’s loyalty points and the second also is a redemption ticket. Then Japan air asked the police to detain him for more inquisition.

Response from Ctrip was the ticket provider it regulated during the process or the operators from the providers made an error. But evidence showed that not only Ctrip stole traveler’s loyalty points but also selling nonexistent fraudulent airplane ticket to its customers.

When Li asked the supporting staff of Air China what’s happening to his tickets, she told him the system of Air China can’t find any valid or successful pre-ordered tickets by searching his electronic ticket number, name or ID number, whose thoughts coincided with the professional’s.

Founded in 1999, Ctrip accepted investment from IDG, SoftBank, Carlyle and Tiger Fund and successfully went listed in NASDAQ in 2003. But under the governmental regulation and pressure of profit, airplane companies started to sell tickets by their own. That led to a lowest profit for OTA companies, but they got the trust and promise for their investor. Then he liar’s story started.

Not only Ctrip caught in trouble these days, another OTA company- Qunar -also faced serious business issues. During the last few days of 2015, ten more airplane companies announced they would terminate the business cooperation with Qunar for the reason Qunar acquired plenty traveller complaints, was suspected of selling price-bogus tickets, changed the ticket usage terms without authorization and overcharged the traveller for refund and amendment and other illegal behavior that hurt the travelers.

Baidu: fake medical ads and sold non-profit community to commercial institution

As the largest search engine in China, Baidu provides more service than just search. For example, the Baidu Tieba, a Reddit-like online community which is built upon a search keyword. They call the small community “Tieba”. Legally, Baidu Tieba is the property of Baidu company. Yet, the facts are that Tieba is a UGC product and developed by millions of its users. What happened last week caused trust trouble to Baidu: its business operation department was suspected of selling some keyword communities to commercial institutions, especially some disease-related communities.

Two weeks ago, Baidu was disclosed by a nominal owner of the Hemophilia Tieba of selling the control power to a private hospital. This hospital was accused of futile treatment to hemophilia by local newspapers. In Chinese people’s eyes, what Baidu has done equals pushing patients to the hell. Members of hemophilia Tieba condemned Baidu and appealed the public to boycott Baidu, if not, more patient would fall in this immoral business traps. Another trap has been denounced by Chinese Internet users for a long time, that’s the promoted ads mixed in Baidu search result. Can you find the difference between the real result and the promoted ads? Normal users won’t find the difference. There is a huge dark profit chain under the relationship between Baidu and the advertisers, TechNewsInChina would tell this story during the Traditional Spring Festival.

As hatred accumulated, people spontaneously started a campaign to hold against Baidu. Evil things that Baidu had done got revealed online, like add more and more ads in the search result, silently install malicious-like software to user’s computer and even helped Chinese government driving Google out of China. Now, people are calling out to Google, hope this company can go back to China.

Considering Chrome got 32% of the web-browser markets, and the default search engine of Chrome is Google, if Google went back to China, this company would immediately gain a huge market share which is a huge dump to Baidu. Nobody is backing up for Baidu, and even some analysts assumed that if Google finally came back to China, the market value of Baidu would be half-reduced.

QvodPlayer: a win for Internet Carnival and a lose for a Chinese technology company

Streaming video is the trend but the illegal QVOD(Quasi Video On Demand) is not.

Nov. 18, 2013, China Beijing Cultural Commission hunted down 4 servers of QvodPlayer, a Chinese No.1 QVOD player. Then police found 25,175 video files in that server and 21,251 of them were affirmed porns. The next April, a dozen of QvodPlayer staff were arrested for selling pron related products. At the beginning of 2016, the court hearing was taken place in Beijing. What’s surprised us is not the accusation but the fabulous court debate held by the QVOD’s lawyer team.

During the court trail, a survey which supported by over five thousand people shows the public’s inclination to QVOD’s Founder Wang Xin. 91% of them believed that Wang was not guilty. Under Wang’s court defense, QVOD only provided a video-streaming technology to its tens of millions of users, the Porns left in the servers were just caches and the caches were segmented distributed by QVOD’s technology. In Wang’s words, this technology helped users to have a faster download speed and a more fluent watching experience (not for porns).

Public were crazy for Wang’s famous quotes in the court: Technology is innocent. But QVOD connived pornographic contents of existing and spreading on the Internet. In public prosecutors’ mind, QVOD is an accomplice to indulge its users in playing and spreading prons without stringent supervision. Technology shouldn’t connive a crime if a country didn’t allow their people to watch adult content in any way.