Three more weeks, Chinese people will spend their biggest yearly holiday — — the Spring Festival — — with their family and friends. FYI, the only color should be in this holiday is RED. Apple’s so clever to prepare some free gifts for their beloved Chinese customers.

All Chinese Apple users received their new year gifts from Apple — — five oriental-style wallpapers and a bunch of discount iPhone and iPad accessories.

The first one, the roosters. Rooster is the animal of the Chinese year. In this year, people would like to say some words related to roosters to represent their kindness and wishes. Also, the pronunciation of rooster in Chinese sounds like the word ‘luck’. You know, Chinese people are kind of superstitious to this important thing. Made by Procreate on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

The second one, the family reunion. As the most important day in a year, Spring Festival has the power to call all the family member to back home and spend days of reunion. Just like the Christmas in the US. Made by Adobe Photoshop on iMac.

Do you find the hot pot on the table?Yummy…

The third one, the farm harvest. Before China has the influence in the global market, this country has the largest number of farmers in the world. Weather determines the corp, and farmers’ living. So a farm harvest means a good year to them. Made by Adobe Photoshop on Macbook Pro.

The fourth one, two weird dressing DJs dancing on the floor? Sorry dude, these two guys are Gate Gods in China. They protect the family from evil and ghost and bless the family a safe year. Made by Adobe Photoshop on Macbook Pro.

Here is the last one, golden fancy carps. Gold means money. Fancy carp fishes show people’s hope for richness and well-being. To me, I’d like to use this wallpaper. Money? Why not!Made by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on Macbook Pro.

It’s free on Don’t forget to download the phone version for you iPhone.

Hey, which one is your favorite? Tell me!