Startup, the word everyone knows and everyone can do. But the truth is, not everyone can make his idea come true and make a bunch of money. Today, Qiangdong Liu (or Richard Liu), founder and CEO of, the listed NASDAQ e-commerce market in China, told to us that “start a company is like walking on the steel wire, the final success may take your ten year’s time to reach, but the failure is only one step away.”

He concluded three types of people who don’t fit startup in his autobiography.

  1. Looking for freedom
    Someone said startup is to free himself from daily work and schedule. After you become the boss, you can totally control your time and do whatever you want to do. Is that true?
    If you are looking for freedom, I’d like to persuade you not to become an entrepreneur. Because what an entrepreneur doesn’t have the most is his freedom. Your staff can violate the rules of the company and get up late and leave the company early. But, as the boss of one startup, you are the only one can’t do these. If you step into the office at 1 P.M., your colleague would come in at 3 or 4 P.M.
  2. Looking for big fame
    If you think you can participate all kinds of submits and salons, and make a lot of speeches, just to make yourself a fame. Let me tell your end, you are 99% be in a fame, a notorious fame. Years later you and your startup will be one of the negative examples in MBA telling students this guy burned billions of investment and failed.
  3. Looking for treasure
    Someone may take his words that I just want to be rich by setting up a company. Sure, by doing business on your own, you can earn legal money. That’s reasonable. But I haven’t seen any entrepreneur who set up his startup only to make money.

Currently, entrepreneurship is popular in China. To what extend? If you have a good idea, you can get 30 million USD easily. But don’t forget, the money you get from investor doesn’t belong to you, what you get is a promise that you need to return 10 times or 100 times back to investors. If you can get the loan from banks, the bank money is better than capital venture investment. Back to entrepreneur, you don’t have the credit to get money from the banks, so you have to find your investors. However, do never regard the investment is your treasure, better regard it as the base of your success.


As the founder and CEO of, Qiangdong Liu led to fight in the e-commerce market. To millions of Chinese, he’s the model to follow. But from his auto-biography, we learned him walking cautiously and steadily so as his business.

To you, entrepreneurs, your business means greater responsibility and your promise to your partners. You have to feed your employees, so are you ready to start up?

Follow these two steps to check if you are ready.

  1. It’s your attitude that earns you money.
    blame the god will never make you rich. If you are not satisfied with your recent days, try to look at the world in a positive attitude. You will know, only be positive can help you to refresh and live the life you wanted. Less negative, more think, it’s not that hard to be rich.
  2. You need a well-planned scheme.
    You can know that’s the God planned next, but you can have your plan to do the next thing. A project will lead to the destination and years later, you will find your plan helped you so much.