Today,, the largest food delivery platform in China announced to acquire Baidu Waimai, another food delivery company owned by Baidu. The price of this acquisition is $ 800 millions USD. CEO of told the media those two brands will run a “Double Brand Strategy” to get differentiation in the market, “the structure and staff will keep unchanged.”

Since today, all the three main food delivery companies are in a family now. got investment from Alibaba, Meituan got investment from Alibaba. Now acquired Baidu Waimai. They are all under Alibaba group now.

About the 800 million USD, 500 million is in cash. The other is used to buy Baidu traffic. Baidu is still one of the largest traffic portal.

Don’t forget when Didi acquired Uber China, and then the price bumped up in a short days. Bad news will come to Chines customers.